3-In-1 Innovation Combo For Safer Driving

The NaviCam CL630 combines a millimeter-wave radar, a 1920×1080p low-light night vision camera, and a smart screen with a 4K ultra-high-definition front camera and MagKeep magnetic mount.  Four-level distance warning system and ADAS function emit a sharp alert in risky situations, reacting swiftly. Its all-in-one powerful features provide comprehensive protection for your travels, getting everything you need to keep you safe and make driving way better!

Backup Camera Comes With Millimeter-Wave Radar

We're the first ones to put a millimeter-wave radar right into the backup camera! It can actively detect moving objects and obstacles. AHD high-definition video displays accurate distance information of obstacles and issues an alarm when obstacles are detected.

Segmented Distance Alert

The distance range is displayed in four color blocks: red, orange, yellow, and green, providing clear visual alerts for heightened visibility and easy identification,perfectly achieving reverse and parking.

AHD Night Vision

Our 1920×1080p low-light night vision backup camera integrates millimeter-wave radar, supporting a frame rate of 25/30fps to ensure safe driving at night. Additionally, it features built-in digital stabilization technology, contributing to a clearer and more stable image display.

4K Ultra HD Front Camera

A 6.25-inch IPS car smart screen with a 4K Ultra HD front camera not only records driving journeys vividly but also accurately displays distance information. When paired with the car imaging radar, it offers panoramic monitoring, presenting comprehensive driving safety for you.

Wireless CarPlay And Android Auto

Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay allow you to wirelessly connect your phone to the car's infotainment system for a seamless and convenient experience. Simply enter the car, and it automatically connects to the system.

Voice control

Seamlessly connect via voice commands and the car's touchscreen for focused and entirely safe driving on the road.

Compatible With Diverse Vehicles

NaviCam CL630 is suitable for tools like RVs, SUVs, sedans, trucks, taxis, and more.